Welcome To Confix India

We aim to provide the construction industry with a wide range of services ranging from concrete technology, construction chemicals, material engineering services, training, financial consultancy such as valuations and management consultancy. We provide complete solutions for the construction industry by one-on-one connect with our customers. This helps us maintain confidentiality of our services. The Company has manufacture plant in Chennai and we have a technical and financially collaborated with Singapore

Our core management has extensive experience over a wide range of fields like project and company start-ups, valuation, technology identification, and feasibility studies. This experience comes from setting up, operating and managing manufacturing companies. The sound engineering background and international exposure of our core team, forms the basis of providing technical know-how in terms of developing high performance concretes, construction chemicals, application technologies (especially for waterproofing and repairs), laboratory set-ups and non destructive testing.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to thoroughly "Confix" the needs of our Customer to provide the most constructive solutions for the concrete construction and the construction chemical industry. We ensure Customer Satisfaction by bringing together a veritable portfolio of products and services to meet customer needs from start to finish on a project to create enduring value. Our Final Vision is to provide quality service for our financial upliftment, for mutual benefit of all associated with us and to enhance the quality of life of the people associated with our company.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to educate the customers the uses and advantages of construction chemicals and use them in a cost effective way. To add value to clients through innovations, reliability, exceptional quality services and fosters an eco-friendly environment and thus encourages their participation and support in pursuing accurate application practices.

Our Values

Always accumulate experience to provide complete technical solutions to solve constructional and waterproofing problems. Our core value is creating the best value for our customer, the final end user and the project in general. We draw on a wide range of experience and contacts through the construction industry to provide the best possible service and collaboration to our customers. Finally integrity, trust and accountability, forms the basis of our value system.